Thursday, 3 May 2012

DIY: Galaxy Printed Photo Frames

I think galaxy prints are rad for two reasons- 1) They look awesome, and 2) it's a painting technique you can replicate in a matter of minutes.

This photo frame was one I'd (badly) painted when I was about 10, but I'd kept it all this time because I knew one day I'd figure it out how to make it great.

Firstly, I cut up an old shopping bag and used this as my rag, then sponged on some black paint. This creates a dark intensity. I then added some cool blue & red, aswell as a light mauve I'd previously mixed, blending well to give the impression of space.

Finally, I took the frame outside with a medium- sized brush I'd wet under the tap previously (This makes the next part easier and more effective!) I scooped a small amount of paint out of the cap of a white paint bottle, then using my thumb flicked it onto the frame (hold it about 30cm from the surface!)

And voila- all finished! The paint dried in a flash, and my new frame was ready to go!!

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