Saturday, 28 July 2012

Show & Tell: Completed Fineliner Drawimg...

Hi there! Yet another Show & Tell today.. but I promise it's a good one! I don't know who remembers, but a while ago I did a post on some of my end- of- semester schoolbook doodles (here). Anyhow, one of them actually inspired my to produce this fineliner drawing- I went home that night after school and the drawing just flowed!

I've been doing it on and off for about a month now, adding a new element as each one occured to me. But last night I finished it, and I'm really excited! The only thing I'm a little dissappointed about is the faint crinkles and a slight rip in the top left corner, courtesy of my lovely cat. Thanks Justine! Anyway, what do you think??

(PS- Happy 3 month anniversary, Kooky Quirky Cute!)

Friday, 27 July 2012

Show & Tell: Hayley...

Hi guys! I'd like to share some photos I took of my sister the other day. I think they're rad for a few reasons; for one, they were completely spontaneous (they were literally taken in excess of 10 minutes!), and also they're so natural, so her. The whole time she was pulling faces at me and asking when I was done, and her personality really comes across in these photos. She's also very photogenic, so if I need a model all I need to do is yell out for her (plus a bit of convincing!) Here are some of my favourites...

Wednesday, 25 July 2012

DIY: Sock to Donut Bun Shaper

Hey there! Yet another fab DIY- turning an old sock into a bun shaping donut!

I personally think these are a great idea- they've been this year's new hair initiative, which allows you to create the perfect bun in minutes. They're around $15 in a chemist/ other hair- accessory- stocking- shop, but I kind of thought, why buy what you can easily make??

So that was kind of my inspiration for this DIY. Also, Katie from Gold Dust recently posted a similar DIY using a sock, but with a different method. Thanks for the great idea! Well, here goes..

Saturday, 21 July 2012

DIY: Sliding Knot Charm Bracelets

Hi there! Here's my latest li'l DIY: how to make your own slide knot charm bracelets. The bracelets I made for this tutorial have quite a beachy feel to them (I actually made them not long before a long beachcombing trip!), but depending on the charms and string you use to make them, this totally doesn't have to be the case!

I've actually used this method as a necklace in a previous DIY to show off a pendant I made (here!), but I thought it'd probably be worth giving it it's own time in the spotlight. So, here goes- DIY after the jump!

Saturday, 14 July 2012

DIY: Coloured Bobby Pins

Well hi! Here's another simple- but- fab DIY for you- coloured bobby pins, transformed into a cute hair statement with a bit of nail polish! The main key to this one is patience- you really need to wait for the polish to dry, or you'll end up with some nice rock- hard streaks in your hair (Tip: save that one for the bottle of hair dye.) Other than that, it's pretty much foolproof!

Well, what are you waiting for? Instructions after the jump!

Thursday, 12 July 2012

DIY: Chain Peter Pan Collar Necklace

Hey guys! Sorry I haven't posted in a while- it's been a pretty hectic week for me. Anyhow, here's my latesy DIY- a peter pan collar necklace! These bib- style collars have been "in" for a while now, which is why I like these kind of chain necklaces- same trend, new twist.

Another great thing about them is that they're quite versatile, and can look quite sophisticated along with the right clothes. And you don't necessarily have to wear it with a high- necked top- trust me, this will save you alot of rifling through your wardrobe!

Well, here's the DIY- I hope you enjoy it! Click through to have a peek.

Thursday, 5 July 2012

DIY: Painted Doll Accessory Charm Bracelet

Well well well- what do you think?? One of my procrastination projects has finally come to life! I raided our old toy box the other day and picked out all these little doll accessories- hair- driers, shovels, brushes, bottles.. I even managed to find a pointe shoe! And the result is actually quite fashionable- I've seen quite a few high- end bracelets and necklaces for sale with practically identical pendants (minus the expensive metal part), and the only difference is that they cost upwards of $90.

This is  a really simple project, and a great way to recycle some of your old toy bits and bobs, so why not give it a go? Instructions after the break!

Tuesday, 3 July 2012

DIY: Coloured Pencil Nub Pendant

How do you like these pencil nub pendants? It's something I've been wanting to try out for a while now, and I'm so glad I finally did it! They're quite easy to make too, which is a bonus. Want to make some youself? Instrucitons after the jump!