Thursday, 5 July 2012

DIY: Painted Doll Accessory Charm Bracelet

Well well well- what do you think?? One of my procrastination projects has finally come to life! I raided our old toy box the other day and picked out all these little doll accessories- hair- driers, shovels, brushes, bottles.. I even managed to find a pointe shoe! And the result is actually quite fashionable- I've seen quite a few high- end bracelets and necklaces for sale with practically identical pendants (minus the expensive metal part), and the only difference is that they cost upwards of $90.

This is  a really simple project, and a great way to recycle some of your old toy bits and bobs, so why not give it a go? Instructions after the break!

Supplies you'll need:

+ Some doll toy accessories
+ Some silver spray paint
+ An empty charm bracelet
+ Some jump rings
+ Pliers
+ Newspaper

To start off, collect all your accessories. You'll probably want around 7 or so, depending on the size of your charm bracelet.

Next, move outside and lay out your charms on your newspaper, ready to be spray- painted.

Now it's time to spray your charms! Hold your can around 20cm away from the newspaper, and check the direction of the wind before you start to avoid catastrophy! (PS- I actually used some silver shoe paint for this part- ssssh!)

Now, turn your charms over...

... And spray the other sides!

Now your charms are ready to be attached to your bracelet! I won't go into details for this bit, as the way you attach each charm will vary depending on a few factors. However, here is how I attached some tricky charms...

(Standard jump- ring- through- the hole attachment)

(Using a heated eye- bolt to attach a soft plastic charm- instructions here.)

(Quite an easy solution- putting a jump ring around the thin part of a charm.)

So there you have it- your charm is now fully wearable! Enjoy!


  1. COOL!! I can't believe those bracelet charms came from dolls furniture! haha, that's awesome :)