Saturday, 21 July 2012

DIY: Sliding Knot Charm Bracelets

Hi there! Here's my latest li'l DIY: how to make your own slide knot charm bracelets. The bracelets I made for this tutorial have quite a beachy feel to them (I actually made them not long before a long beachcombing trip!), but depending on the charms and string you use to make them, this totally doesn't have to be the case!

I've actually used this method as a necklace in a previous DIY to show off a pendant I made (here!), but I thought it'd probably be worth giving it it's own time in the spotlight. So, here goes- DIY after the jump!


+ Charms
+ 25cm lengths of string (you may also want to use thin leather, satin cord, etc.)

To start off, slide your charm onto one of your lengths of string:

Then bring one end of string back around and pinch in the middle, like so:

Now, we tie a sliding knot! Take the longer end of string (the one on the outside) and wrap it around the shorter length twice (coming from the outside in) to form two loops.

Now, take the end and thread it back through the two loops...

... And gently pull it tight (but not too tight!) to form your first sliding knot.

Now, repeat for the other end of your string, remembering to make your loops by bringing the string from the outside in towards you.

Now, trim the ends of the string...

... And your bracelet is ready to wear!

Slide it on, then get someone to help you slide the knots out until it fits you comfortably.

(P.S- Yay for that fact that this is the first post recorded by my new Canon camera- I finally bought a new one after *ahem* accidentally dropping my old Samsung... anyhow, snaps for Mr. Canon!)

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