Wednesday, 25 July 2012

DIY: Sock to Donut Bun Shaper

Hey there! Yet another fab DIY- turning an old sock into a bun shaping donut!

I personally think these are a great idea- they've been this year's new hair initiative, which allows you to create the perfect bun in minutes. They're around $15 in a chemist/ other hair- accessory- stocking- shop, but I kind of thought, why buy what you can easily make??

So that was kind of my inspiration for this DIY. Also, Katie from Gold Dust recently posted a similar DIY using a sock, but with a different method. Thanks for the great idea! Well, here goes..


+ A sock- preferably a long one.
+ Scissors
+ A needle & thread

- That's it!

I actually used one of those weird flight socks you get when you go up in the air... I never wear them, so I thought this was a good use to put them to!

Firstly, cut open the bottom end of your sock.

Next, start rolling up your sock, turning it inside out; every few rolls, stop and pull the loose end to tighten up the donut.

Now, once you've finished you'll probably have a little bit of over- hang, like this:

My solution: Roll it round one last time as tightly as you can...

... Then with your needle and thread, loosly stitch the ends into place (about 6 stitches should do it.)

Fab- your bun donut's not ready to use! What- you don't know how, you say? Never fear, I am here!

First, gather your hair into a nice ponytail, at least at the crown of your head (mine looked like a genie hair- do!) Then, slide the donut into your hair and push it down so it sits on top of your head.

Then, tilt your head forwards slightly and arrange your hair so it covers the donut and there's a part- type hole in the middle:

Now, moving around the donut, tuck the ends under and continue working your way around so the bun shaper is completely hidden.

Lastly, secure the ends with a second hair tie- no bobby pins needed!


  1. Thanks for visiting my humble blog.

    Yet, this is so interesting to see how you demonstrate how the hairdo is performed

  2. My eldest daughter wears her hair like this all the time. :)