Saturday, 14 July 2012

DIY: Coloured Bobby Pins

Well hi! Here's another simple- but- fab DIY for you- coloured bobby pins, transformed into a cute hair statement with a bit of nail polish! The main key to this one is patience- you really need to wait for the polish to dry, or you'll end up with some nice rock- hard streaks in your hair (Tip: save that one for the bottle of hair dye.) Other than that, it's pretty much foolproof!

Well, what are you waiting for? Instructions after the jump!


+ Newspaper
+ Bobby pins
+ Nail polish

Step one: Slide your bobby pins onto  afew pieces of folded- up newspaper.

Step two: coat each bobby pin with some nail polish (and don't forget to do the backs, too!)

Step three: Hang your piece of folded newspaper on your clothesline, so your bobby pins can dry in the breeze. (Note: this may take a while, so you may want to leave them out there overnight like I did)

Step four: Once they've dried, take them off the clothesline and slide them off your newspaper. Now they're ready to wear!