Friday, 29 June 2012

Show & Tell: When I Should Be Doing My Schoolwork...

Hey guys! It's officially school holidays- YAAAY!
Since it's the end of the semester, I brought all my school books home. I've been looking through them, and I've come to a conclusion: I'm a serial doodler. Seriously, almost every single page has some sort of decoration or design down the margin. I knew it was a habit, but I've only just realised how much of my book it takes up! Anyway, in this 'Show & Tell' I thought I'd show some of my better procrastination creations- because that's what all normal people do, right?

So, the one up the top of the post was one I did one afternoon in Maths one afternoon- I decided I'd become a little tired of Pythagoras' area equations. I've been having a bit of fun with swallow illustrations lately- remind you of any particular header??

This Octopus- looking thing was actually one I drew in a particularly Law & Money class. To tell you the truth, I don't even know what we were supposed to be learning that day. But hey, look at the pretty picture I drew instead!

... Aaaand a little Oak Leaf, also drawn in Law & Money. Oh how I love learning about jail sentences.

This is just a random face I drew in the last 15 minutes of a Maths class. I'd finished my work early, so no guilt there! Although, we did have a substitute teacher who gave me some quite weird looks...

... This was a true procrastination creation; I was supposed to be working on my autobiography, but I had no idea where to start, so I made this sub- page heading instead... Well, for all the teacher knew, I was working hard.

And finally, this was a little graphic esign- based doodle I did the other day in Physics/ Chemistry, because I couldn't see the projector screen properly and it was really frustrating me. I actually really like the concept of this kind of illustration, and a few days ago I started a bigger drawing similar to this. I really like how it's coming along, and I'll be posting the finished product soon- watch this space!

Anyhow, I hope you've liked this peek into my oh- so- productive workbooks. Gotta love highschool...

And by the way, did you know today is the 2 month anniversary of Kooky Quirky Cute? I personally can NOT believe how fast this time's gone! I'm really happy with the way this blog's progessing, and you can bet you'll be seeing more of THIS in the future! And now it's holiday time and I'm officially free, there'll be plenty of awesome DIY's coming your way too, so stay tuned! :)


  1. wow, those are really good! I used to do doodles like yours in all my school books. My science lessons were so boring, the back of my books is filled with random drawings by and me and my friends. I drew round my hands once and filled a whole page shading in the knuckles. haha yours are much better than mine though
    I like the Octopus one the best :)

    1. Haha, thankyou Jen! The octopus one is my favourite too. :]