Friday, 15 June 2012

DIY: Circle/ Skater Skirts

You like?? I've been wanting to make one of these skirts for AGES, and I've finally got around to it! I had a bit of a thrifting rampage the other day, and I picked up this fabric for a dollar. ONE DOLLAR. I even measured it- I got 4 and a half metres! FOR A DOLLAR! Yeah, I think you get it. It's this crepe-y kind of material, and works really well as a drapy circle skirt.

I've written a pretty comprehensive tutorial too, so you can all have a go in your spare time if you like! It's really easy, I promise! If you're game, continue reading- instructions after the jump!

So, you'll need:

+ Some fabric- at least one square metre
+ A sewing machine
+ An over- locker
+ A dressmaker's measuring tape
+ Some tailor's chalk
+ Some safety and tailor's pins
+ Some velcrove

Firstly, you'll need to work out the measurements for your skirt. Measure your waist (mine was 62cm, if you'd like to go off my measurements), then divide it by pi- this will be the diameter of the waist hole in your skirt. Next, measure from your waistline to where you'd like the skirt to fall to- this will be your skirt length measurement. (Mine was 40 cm long.) Now, multiply your skirt length by 2 and add the diameter of your waist hole measurement (Mine was 40cm+40cm+20cm)- this will equal the diameter of your circle skirt! (Mine equalled a neat 1 metre!) Ugh, thank god that's over.

Now, lay your fabric out on the floor. Pin your tailor's measuring tape to where you'd like the centre of the skirt to be.

Cut your final diameter measurement in half (So 50cm for me) and using your tailor's chalk draw a circle this distance from the centre, using the tailor's measuring tape as your guide.

Now, repeat this process for your waist hole- cut your waist diameter in half (10cm for me) and trace a second circle onto the fabric.

Now, cut out both circles from the fabric, like so:

Now, time to get out Mr. Over- Locker! Go around all of your edges to prevent fraying. (If you're using a thicker fabric, you can probably skip this step.)

Now, cut out your waistband. The length will be that of the first measurement you took, the waist circumference (Mine was 62cm), plus a little more just in case. I cut out at 15cm wide strip, so when it's doubled over it'll be about 7cm wide.

Now, fold your waistband in half and line the edges up with that of your inner waist circle on the over- locker. This will effectively attach your waistband.

Now, the two edges of your waistband will be sitting there awkwardly like this, right?

Don't worry- it's how we'll attach our velcrove! Simply cut about 10cm down into the skirt, continuing on from this gap, like this:

Then over- lock over the edges, just to make sure it doesn't fray into nothingness.

Lastly, measure out two pieces of velcrove to fit this gap:

Sew it on (remember to have one fluffy side and one rough side facing towards you, or it won't work!)

And while you have Mr. Sewing Machine out, fold over the over- locked hem of your skirt about1- 2cm and hem it.

YES! All done! I've gotta say, that was one mother of a tutorial, but I'm glad I did it! Enjoy! x


  1. I have been dying to try & make a skirt like this but had no idea where to even start! Thanks for this I am excited to try it!

    1. Sam- I'm so glad I've helped! Hope it works out well for you. c:

  2. This is so helpful thanks! Will definitely try this out after my exams :)

  3. This is amazing! Hopefully I'll get a sewing machine for Christmas so I can try it out, I've been looking everywhere for a good tutorial! I love your boots too!!!

  4. AHHH I LOVE YOUR SHOES. (and this tutorial but y'know)
    where did you get them?

    1. Oh, thankyou! I think they were around $5 in a thrift shop.. soooo comfy!

  5. Hi! Do you need to make pleats or you just have to stitch everything? I haven't seen you folding the fabric so I'm curious how you made it look flowy. :)

    xx Daphne of

    1. Hi Daphne! No, there were no pleats involved, the circular pattern actually drapes that way when you wear the skirt- pretty cool, hey? That's kind of why I love circle skirts so much! :)