Sunday, 3 June 2012

DIY: Swallow Print Tights

How sweet are these printed tights?? I've been wanting to do something like this for a while now, and I'm so happy with the finished product! Believe it or not, they're actually so simple to make. All you need is a little fabric paint and of course some tights!

Want to learn how to make some of your own? Instructions after the break!

Ok, so you'll need:

+ Some tights (mine were quite sheer, but in hindsight I'd probably prefer to have chosen some thicker ones)
+ Some fabric paint (hobbytex will also work!)
+ A print- out of the graphic you want printed on your tights
+ Some scissors
+ A paint brush
+ Some cardboard (I used the box I bought my tights in)
+ A machine clothes dryer
+ A texta

Firstly, cut your chosen graphic out of the middle of the piece of paper. Careful, careful!

Now, take your brush, fabric paint, tights and cardboard somewhere like outside, where it won't matter if you spill a little paint. Put your cardboard inside one leg of your tights and shimmy it down to the bottom. Place your stencil onto the tights and dab the paint on carefully.

Once you've finished printing on your design, remove the stencil and let it dry If you've got a heater or fan handy, this can greatly speed up this process. Once it's dry, shimmy the tights down a fraction and repeat until you've covered your tights in prints.

Now you've done the hard yards, try on your tights. Are there any gaps where a print should be?? If so, use your texta to mark you tights. Take them off and print over these marks- what a relief to be done with all the printing!

Finally, put your tights in the clothes dryer for around 5 minutes at average heat. Once the time's up, take them out, let them cool a bit and put them in for the same amount of time again. If you're washing your tights regularly, you want to make sure the pigment's set!

And voila- all finished! Now all that's left is to try them out!

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