Thursday, 7 June 2012

DIY: Steampunk- Inspired Watch Pendants

Hands up who wants one of these? I've had this watch face sitting around for years- literally! It was a cheap $10 watch, but within a week I'd accidentally submerged it in water, and that was the end of that one. I'd kept it, knowing I'd one day find a use for it- and here it is!

Steampunk accessories really interest me- the whole metallic, clockworky, quirky feel of it just sucks me in! This is a quite simple DIY project, really- all you need is a few materials and a bit of patience when it comes to unassembling the watch face.

Want to make one of these for yourself? (or someone else, for that matter!) Just keep reading- instructions after the jump!

- To make this pendant, you'll need:

+ A watch (try and find a broken one- recycling gets bonus points!)
+ Some pliers
+ 2 jump rings
+ Some chain
+ A knife
+ Some sort of glue (I used Poly Cement, but super glue or that of a hot glue gun will work equally well!)

First up, you'll need to detach the band from your watch. Depending on the sort (leather strap, chain, etc.), you'll need to tackle it differently; there are some good instructions here.
Mine came off with a firm tug- I had leather straps, so the rod holding them on popped out quite easily, but I expect the metal chain ones might take a bit more than that.

Next, using your pliers pull out the pin on the side of the watch- this should come out fairly easily.
(I'm using a different watch here- sorry about that!)

Now, slide the tip of your knife under the back part of the watch and use it to lever it open..

Now the fun part- pulling apart your watch! I used my knife for this, as some things like the battery need a little help to come out. Each watch differs internally, so just take your time and try not to bend anything too much. (take it from me, those little hands are ridiculously fragile!)

Next, arrange all of your little watch pieces inside the glass casing. You might not want to use everything; I had a few plastic components that I decided to bin.

Now, time to secure your arrangement! I used Poly Cement- I actually think it's a bit of a DIY miracle! I got it from my local newsagents in the stationary/ crafty section for about $3. It's kind of a cross petween a PVA and super glue- it's strong, but won't glue your fingers together, and has a kind of gummy consistancy. Just beware, it's largely made up of polystyrene, which can't be broken down naturally and without the help of acetone, so use it in a well- ventilated area and try not to waste it!

Anyway, back to DIYing...

Once you've covered the bottom of the blass with glue, set aside your pendant somewhere where it can be left to dry in peace. If it's a sunny day, put it outside! I put mine in our bathroom and turned on the fan- it was touch- dry within an hour, and fully hardened in 2-3 hours.

Finally, attach your jump rings to the two bars that would usually connect the wrist straps.

Tada! All done! I think this is a really cute accessory. I decided not to put the back on the watch afterwards, as I liked the see- through effect and light that came through the pendant, but  that's up to you.

(PS: Do you like my jacket? It's a realy army corp. military coat! I picked it up at an Op- Shop last year for $15- ridiculous, I know. I really lucked out that day!) 


  1. I am so gonna try this. As soon as I find my really old watch somewhere, I'm steampunkin it. Thanks for this post! Make more Steampunks please!

    1. Abdul- thanks for your enthusiasm! And you can bet there'll be more Steampunk posts coming soon. PS- I'd love to see a photo of the finished product, if you go ahead with the DIY! :)

  2. Compiling all of this pendants information makes for a really useful reference as well. I’ve learned a lot from these and I appreciate it.

  3. Cool! I have an old watch I am going to try this with. Thanks for sharing :]