Questions? Suggestions? I'd love to hear them! Email me here. Hit me up if you need anything, or just want a good old chat!

Want to feature in my Blogroll? Aah, I'm flattered! I love the idea of  inter- blog linking- it's such a great way to meet new people, expand your audience and develop the blogging community. Once again, just contact me via email and we'll organise something.

And what about advertising/ sponsoring? Once again, I'm elated
 if you're  considering advertising here! You know what to do- get onto that email! As a rough idea, I charge $10/ month for standard- sized advertisements, and $15 for skyscrapers. But this isn't set in stone- I'm open to suggestions, and I'm sure we can figure something out!

I'd also be more than happy to host giveaways and competitions featuring your brand and products.Keep in mind, though, I'll probably be more inclined to take you up on this if your brand/ product suits this blog and my image.

So what are you waiting for? Get typing! xx

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