Friday, 14 September 2012

DIY: Galaxy Print Shoes

Am I the only one obsessed with galaxy prints right now?? I thought not, so when I gave these shoes a makeover the other day I took it as a fine opportunity to blog about them in all their glory! The shoes themselves were ridic cheap- $4.74 at Big W if I remember correctly?- and I bought a pair specifically for DIY purposes, so you know, creative love right here! Anyhow, they took me less than half an hour to make, and I think they look pretty rad, so why not have a go yourself? Australian Summer is calling, and what finer wear could your feet be seen in on the lovely beaches?

  • Plain canvas shoes (black, white or navy ones work well)
  • Electrical tape
  • Acrylic paint (red, blue, black and white)
  • Newspaper/ tissues
  • A hard- bristled paintbrush
Ok, so to start off you'll need to remove the laces...
.... And cover the rubber rims of the shoes with electrical tape, so they remain paint- free:

Next, mix up the three colours that will make the background of your galaxy print. I recommend a dark navy blue, a rich purple and a medium- light blue. When you're satisfied with your colours (make sure you mix enough!), ball up a tissue and dip it into the navy paint.

Proceed to sponge the paint over the entire surface of both shoes. Merge the other two colours into it gradually, blending the edges for a subtle effect. Don't worry if you can't see the bigger picture yet- I often look at my galaxy backgrounds and wonder whether it will look any good! Trust me, it will.
Next, stuff your painted shoes with newspaper...
... And wet the end of your paintbrush, adding a small amount of white paint on the end. Hold the bristles firmly against your thumb, and flick in the direction of the shoes. This will make white spatters- stars- completing the galaxy print.

Finally, remove the newspaper from the insides of the shoes...

... Peel off the electrical tape...

... And re- thread the shoelaces.

And there you have it- some seriously rad, handpainted galaxy- print shoes. They practically belong in a gallery... enjoy, my pretties!


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