Friday, 31 August 2012

DIY: Driftwood Necklace Pendants

Today's DIY: turn a piece of driftwood into one of these cute pendants! I love the whole hippy/ boho beachy look, and this is the kind of piece that fits in perfectly with that scheme. I've been seeing quite a few of these in magazines lately, although theirs come from an elite fashion house and cost upwards of $200. Seriously, where has the DIY spirit gotten to? Driftwood comes in abundance and is wonderfully free from your nearest beach, plus when you wear it you can boast about how you made it yourself! So let's go; get your DIY on!

+ Driftwood
+ Sewing needle
+ Craft wire (mine was plastic- coated copper)

Firstly, choose which piece of driftwood you'll use. Here's mine- it's around 5cm (2 inches) in length, plus it had some flat, spindly prongs I thought would be easy to poke a needle through. Take this into consideration when making your selection!

Next, using your sewing needle pierce a hole through the top of the driftwood.

Then, thread a length of craft wire (10cm will be more than enough) through the hole you've created...

... and twist it around the neck of the driftwood a few times, creating a loop to thread the necklace through.

Trim off the excess wire, and you're all done! Fantastically simple in my opinion.



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  2. Love this- a perfect way to remember summer =)

    Gina Michele
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