Friday, 10 August 2012

DIY: Steampunk "Slave" Bracelets

Well, this has definately been a busy two weeks for me! I'm sorry I haven't posted in so long, but I promise this is the busiest part of my year, and my creative presence is now here to stay.

Here's a cool little steampunk- esque bracelet I whipped up today- I've seen quite a few on Etsy lately, and so finally made one for myself! They're actually surprisingly easy to make, once you've made the few necessary measurements.

So come on, have a go- I promise you'll have an awesome bracelet to show for it at the end!


+ Pliers
+ A dressmaker's measuring tape
+ At least 20cm of a large- ringed chain
+ At least 30cm of a small- ringed chain
+ At least 10cm of a medium- ringed chain
+ 5 jump rings
+ A clasp

Firstly, measure around your wrist and the distance from your middle finger to the top of your wrist- note the measurements.

Next, cut a piece of the large- ringed chain a little longer than your wrist measurement, and two pieces of the small- ringed chain the same length as the measurement from your middle finger to wrist.

Now, measure a piece of the medium- ringed chain around your middle finger, then trim and connect the ends to make a ring.

Now you've got all of the components of your bracelet cut and measured, lay them out as I have below. Using 4 of the jump rings, attach the two lengths of small- ringed chain to the ring and bracelet.

Lastly, using the 5th jump ring attach the clasp to one end of your bracelet. Voila!


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    1. Oh, thankyou so much, Michelle! I appreciate it! c:

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