Friday, 17 August 2012

DIY: Hair Chalking

I'm a definate fan of the ombre/ candy coloured hair trends, but I've never dyed mine before, and a little scared to make the commitment to such a colourful mop! This is why hair chalking is such a great idea- done on dry hair, it should come out in a wash or two (unless your hair is very dry/ light)!

All you'll need for this DIY is a set of soft pastels (available in art/ craft stores) and 5 minutes of spare time. So come on- have a go!

+ Soft pastels
+ Hair!

I used these soft pastels by jasart. They cost around $10, and can be used for any multitude of things!

Firstly, take a small piece of your hair and either pull it taut or twist it around your finger a few times (making your hair into a rope gives it more texture, making it easier to transfer pigment). Then, swipe the soft pastel of your choice across your hair horizontally. Be gentle when doing this- if you're not careful, you might snap pieces of your hair off!

Now, you may want to leave your hair as- is, with the horizontal stripes still visible, but I wanted a more subtle colour transition, so I gently massaged in the chalk with my fingertips. Easy!

And there you have it- instant colourful locks! Just remember to condition your hair well afterwards- the chalk can make your hair feel a little dry...

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